The Culture and Lifestyle Benefits to Franchising With The Counter®

The Counter - Food

How the build-your-own gourmet burger franchise affords its franchise owners the opportunity for strong potential returns and a desirable work/life balance.

Many of those looking to escape the corporate grind and move on to their next business venture are looking for more than just a means of securing their future for retirement—though that’s plenty important, too. In these modern times, prospective business owners are not only pursuing financial security in an arena they can be passionate about, but also one that affords them more time for the other benefits life affords. Such is the reason many an entrepreneur has found a home with The Counter, a build-your-own gourmet burger franchise that is quickly rising to the top of the list when as it relates to the culture and lifestyle benefits that come with its franchise ownership opportunity.

Bruce Holzman is a franchise development professional for The Counter who is on the front lines communicating with prospective business owners about their desires, dreams and goals. In those conversations, two key brand differentiators are always mentioned first: quality and customizability. Providing guests with the ability to choose from expertly curated recipes or create whatever they want to from scratch makes The Counter an appealing restaurant option to many a consumer—which, in turn, gives the concept immediate viability in the eyes of an investor.

“By far, the comments I hear the most revolve around the quality of the food and the variety of the customizations we offer,” Holzman said. “All in all, we have nine different proteins, 12 kinds of cheese, 31 toppings, 22 sauces, and six bun options—my calculator doesn’t have enough digits to come up with the total number of combinations!” he joked.

In addition to The Counter’s all-natural, antibiotic-free, 100% Angus beef, bison burgers, turkey burgers and Impossible burgers, there are a number of benefits to working with The Counter that other burger-centric and full-service restaurant concepts can’t claim. First and foremost, being a part of the Kahala Brands franchise system, The Counter franchisees enjoy economies of scale that smaller franchises can’t always offer, Holzman explained.

“From providing access to a team of veteran franchise and restaurant leaders with unmatched experience to exceptional support and training programs and discounted goods and services from Kahala’s vendor partners, The Counter has the experience, support and innovation a true restaurateur is seeking,” he said.

The Counter makes a strong case for itself as a timely and relevant investment opportunity in terms of hours of operation, health-conscious options and a level of variety that is inclusive to all dietary restrictions, as well, Holzman continued.

“The Counter is perfectly poised to capture a wide variety of dayparts and the different tastes of our guests,” Holzman said. “From the herbivore to the carnivore and beyond, our diverse food and beverage menu offer a wide variety of items for lunch, afternoon happy hour, dinner and evening noshes. This means that we can satisfy what is known as the ‘veto vote’ in the restaurant industry—the person who wants something different from the rest of the group.”

Having that ability, as well as a full bar to offer customers in a still-casual full-service restaurant environment, is what has been the driving force in The Counter’s appeal to the masses on both the investor and consumer front. And thanks to the emphasis the brand places on innovation, The Counter is well-positioned to expand on this appeal for years and decades to come.

“The restaurant industry is incredibly fluid and dynamic—if you don’t have the infrastructure, research and development and resources to be able to recognize and adapt to the changes, you don’t have the opportunity to thrive,” Holzman said. “Kahala Brands brings these resources to the table so we can quickly and appropriately bring new innovations like The Impossible burger, efficient online ordering and delivery to the market.”

Start-up costs to open a franchise with The Counter range from $746,000 to $2,340,250, with a franchise fee of $35,000. For more information on franchising with The Counter, please visit

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